Al-Mokhtar International University for studying abroad in the best universities

Al-Mukhtar International Company will stay with you step by step until you register at the university and receive your university student card.

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Services of the Mukhtar international team

Study services in Türkiye, Egypt and Russia. This is the specialty of the Al-Mukhtar International team.

Our housing specialist team communicates with our admitted students in universities to suggest and offer them housing and complete the housing reservation process before the student enters the country

The student may only send us copies of the documents required for registration, and we get him a free admission to the most suitable university.

Our team undertakes the equivalence of university degrees issued from outside Turkey so that their holders can practice work in Turkey in accordance with the official laws

The legal affairs department’s team expert in Turkish laws is keen to help the registered student to submit residence request. The team arranges the application before submitting it to the university or the Directorate General of Migration Management

Featured Universities

How will I start studying in Turkey?

Choosing Turkey for study means that you have chosen to learn in one of the world’s most developed and advanced countries and thus ensure that you receive education from the minds that have illuminated the path of success to millions of students around the world and turned their ambitions into real success stories.

Why choose international ?

Al-Mukhtar International Foundation is one of the leading companies in the field of academic consultation and student registration in Turkish universities, international schools, and language institutes, including a strong cadre of highly experienced and professional academic consultants that increases daily with the increase in the number of universities and educational centers.

The international selection team will accompany you step by step until you ensure your arrival to the university and complete all registration procedures before starting your studies.

Al-Mukhtar offers the best and strongest discounts and scholarships to its students in more than 35 Turkish universities for all levels of study (diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate) for students registered through it.

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