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Who are the people we are looking for?

  • Highly ambitious companies and individuals looking for continuous expansion and development to get their business progressing

  • Institutions, companies, and individuals who bear responsibility and believe in student service work and have the passion for that

  • Those who have the ability and skills to direct international students to apply in Turkish universities and educational institutions through us

Student services companies

Travel and tourism companies

Languages and training institutes

Public service offices

Famous characters

Now you have an opportunity to expand your business in the student services field, to be a pioneer and distinguished in your area

What ALMOKHTAR Company will offer you as an agent

  • Premium commissions.

  • The possibility of obtaining free scholarships, bonuses, or rewards after reaching a predetermined number of students.

  • Providing effective methods and tips to increase the number of students enrolled through you.

  • Providing continuous support in order to solve the problems of your students, through relationships and mutual trust between us and our partners.
  • The ability to enter our system to learn about the best universities, their advantages and prices.
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